Build Operate Transfer (BOT)

Build operate transfer (bot) model

Build, Operate, Transfer engagement model for the best

The engagement model of build, operate, transfer, popularly known to be BOT is gaining huge momentum as it enhances the bandwidth of businesses in eroding away the hassles and bustles, thereby offering them the full power to stay ahead of the competition. Being one of the finest companies that offer the best build operate transfer model in the IT industry, we, Speeddail Innovation Labs supply you with top-notch services that help you backlash the traditional patterns and puzzles.

What exactly is Build, Operate, Transfer Engagement model?

BOT is one of the widely adapted engagement models that help businesses minimize costs and enhance profit margins. As a business based overseas, you hire a company that meets your requirements and mutually agreed upon going ahead with the BOT model. As the name itself denotes, the BOT engagement model comprises of three steps are known as build, operate and transfer, breaking up of the process are following. Under the build model, which is the initial phase of this engagement model, the vendor company based overseas helps you set up everything from the scratch including the entire infrastructures, amenities, office requirements, and much more. They build an extended version of your workspace with the entire ready to work features installed included the wholesome of the operational unit. Following the build, the phase is the operational phase where the resources work on the projects towards its successful completion. The vendor company allocates the right resources for you. Project development, enhancements, testing, maintenance, tech support, etc take place at this phase. The last and final stage of the BOT engagement model is the transfer phase where the completed project gets transferred to you by the vendor company. The entire ownership of the product also gets transferred along with the project. BOT is the best engagement model that works perfectly for you if you want to diminish all the stress and tensions involved in managing the project.

Speeddail Innovation Labs- the best BOT service provider

We are Speeddail Innovation Labs, your BOT partner overseas. For us, achieving your goals and milestones is the prime mission and we collectively work towards it. We associate with you in bringing out the best in you. Our mastery over various trends in technologies gets perfectly reflected in the projects we deliver. The very first moment you partner with us in incorporating the BOT model, you are setting yourselves free from all kinds of tension involved in project management. We help you diminish your costs; you have to invest in the successful project delivery otherwise.

Offering seamless ways of project delivery-from build to transfer

We, with all our resources and tools in hand to make you succeed help you develop a project from scratch to its successful delivery, that too in the most productive manner. Our vivid experience working with various global partners in fulfilling their BOT requirements, help us add more value to your project. We offer end-to-end support to our customers, even after the successful transfer of the entire ownership of all assets and technologies, thereby adding more value to their vision. Our partnership and involvement in the project help you stay ahead of the competition, thereby setting up a highly profitable business domain.

Why Choose the Speeddail BOT model?

  • Highly efficient team members
  • Enhanced productivity and efficiency
  • Complete transfer of project ownership including technologies, assets, etc.
  • Access to a vast talent pool
  • Economical and reliable

Excel the game with Speeddail BOT model

Our BOT engagement model is highly flexible and customizable that it fits the perfect for you. It let you excel in the game and stay ahead of it. The support we offer throughout the project takes you on the right track, offering substantial growth and revenue generation.